Our host was George Banks Ready. What an outstanding job he did getting the events organized for our wonderful weekend. On Friday we had a social hour and dinner at the Timbeau Restaurant in Hernando. This time gave us an opportunity to meet and get to know several “Cousins” who were attending for the first time. There were about 40 family members and guests from 10 different states in attendance.



     On Saturday morning, we were joined by more than a dozen descendants of General James Minor Tait, whose larger-than-life portrait hangs in the side entrance of the home now owned by Cousin Dan LeBlond and his wife Ellen. The General’s eyes appear to follow anyone going up or down the stairs and into the main part of the house. Ellen LeBlond served as guide and historian as we toured the house and grounds. We enjoyed Ellen telling us about the house and its contents. (of particular interest were the inside columns which are covered with horse hair mixed with white paint to make the paint job last longer. It appears to have worked.)


Our next stop was at the home of George and Amanda Ready. Their home is a beautiful updated antebellum style built on the land where Lemuel and Henry Banks (who moved there from Elbert County, Georgia) originally settled. A family cemetery is located on this property and holds the remains of Lemuel, Henry and other members of their families.


Home of George Banks Ready and Amanda Ready


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