Membership in the Banks Family Association is voluntary. Dues are paid by the adult family members that are directly related to the Banks family. Minor children and spouses are included in the family membership dues.

If you wish to be placed on the newsletter mailing list, you may do so by contacting Tom and Ginger Dixon through their e-mail address as seen on the Association Officers page. The majority of the newsletters will be delivered through e-mail or directly posted to the web page.

Dues to support the few projects and expenses that the Association incurs annually are $10.00 per year, paid on an calendar year basis. These dues may be paid at the biennial Elberton reunion or the alternate-year "mini" reunion. Alternately, they may be mailed to the Association Treasurer with the membership and dues form.

If you are unsure of your connection to the family, contact John Sheftall, the Association Family Genealogist.








Updated 12 Jan 2011